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  1. Steps to Create Peace in the Midst of the Pandemic

    Control Yourself. You cannot control anything or anybody else. Focus on what YOU can do. Help Others and Let Others Help You. We are in this together. Let’s act like it. Do something for someone else. Let other’s do something for you. Self-Care. First, take care ...


  2. Predictors of Divorce – Sabrina Walters

    Conducted a total of 7 longitudinal studies spanning over 35 years involving 677 couples. This study revealed the Masters of relationship and what causes disaster in relationships. Basically they were able to predict divorce with 94% accuracy. Those that divorced Those that remained together and were happy Those ...


  3. Creating Inner Peace through Mindfulness and Boundaries

      Guest – Aaron Potratz, Owner and Leader of Discover Counseling in Tigard, OR.   Peace Inside/ With Yourself Having peace inside or with yourself involves many things, but one important piece is knowing yourself. When you know yourself, you understand what’s happening and why. This gives you a sense of clarity and empowerment ...


  4. Good to Great Relationship Follow Up

    Question. How did your significant other respond to the Good to Great Challenge? Sharlyne looked forward to opening her email every day knowing she was receiving a Love Note. Everyone likes to receiving mail that makes you feel great! She liked her gifts and the things I did around the ...


  5. Good to Great Relationship Challenge

    Is your significant relationship just average? How about even below average, or even broken? How do your take a relationship from Good to Great? Dr. Randall L. Kinnison, AKA Doctor Peace, offers a 14 day Good to Great Challenge to change your relationship, or at least, get it moving in the ...